Welcome to Purley Speakers

Welcome to Purley Speakers

Our Mission:
"Providing a sincere, authentic, supportive and encouraging environment for confident and eloquent communication. Developing leadership that recognises and values the diverse needs and progress of its members"

Purley Speakers is part of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organisation that helps you to excel with your communication, presentation and leadership skills.  

Benefits when you join:

  • Increase your confidence level when speaking to smaller and larger groups
  • Enhance your presentation skills
  • Work better with fellow employees
  • Increase your influencing skills and level of employability
  • Develop and present your ideas more effectively
  • Conduct better meetings
  • Speak off the cuff on a variety of topics with ease

Examples of Toastmaster successes from our local area in the United Kingdom are: Phillip Khan Panni, Simon Bucknall and Malachi Talabi. Famous American speakers who have benefitted from Toastmasters are Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters and Harvay Mackay to name a few.

 Engage with us by learning how to:

  • Research and prepare speeches
  • Design and use visual aids
  • Evaluate other speakers 
  • Mentor and coach fellow club members
  • Organise and run meetings, courses and conferences 
  • Deliver a variety of speeches on topics of interest to you and your audience
  • Conduct, judge and participate in speech contests
  • Tell stories, present awards and introduce speakers
  • Give educational speeches and workshops 
  • Host and speak at family and social occasions

All this is achieved in a safe and supportive environment

Visit us for FREE. Come along to our next meeting or contact Peter on 020 8668 2000 if you have any questions.

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